We stand true to our word.

Identity Protection

Your protection

is our priority.

Across the country, identity theft has become a crime that’s increasingly easier to commit… and increasingly harder to recover from. Until now.

At Patriot Insurance, we know there’s only one, unique you. And we believe everything that makes you, you is worth preserving. It’s worth protecting. Ultimately, it’s why we’ve teamed up with CyberScout®, America’s premier provider of identity services, to keep your most personal information private—to keep everything about you safe and secure.

When you need help, our personal fraud specialists can help resolve your problem and restore your peace of mind, at absolutely no cost. Our identity protection services are available 24/7 to all personal insurance policyholders.

You can benefit from our CyberScout services when:

  • You’re changing your name. Our team can help you navigate the requirements for safely changing your name after marriage, divorce or separation.
  • You’re going abroad with the military. With CyberScout, we can set up military fraud alerts for anyone on active duty. That way, if there’s unusual activity on one of your accounts, you’ll get an instant notification.
  • You’re traveling. No matter where you are in the world, our fraud specialists can help replace lost or stolen licenses, passports and visas.
  • Important documents are lost or stolen. We’ll help replace your documents and notify the necessary government agencies.
  • Your email is hacked. We can help you detect and recover from email hacking that could lead to fraud.
  • You’re affected by a company’s data breach. Get support when your personal information is exposed.
  • Your personal electronics are stolen. If your personal computer, tablet or smartphone is compromised, we can step in to keep things secure.
  • A family member dies. Preserve your loved one’s identity so their information can’t be misused.
  • Your financial accounts are compromised. If someone gets a hold of your checking, savings or credit card (or opens up entirely new accounts in your name), we can help you regain your financial stability.
  • Someone files a false tax return or steals your refund. If you’re the victim of tax identity theft, we’ll help you protect your identifying information.
  • You’re falsely linked to a crime. When someone uses your identity to commit a crime, it’s important to get your good name back. That’s why we work with the appropriate government agencies to clear you of any criminal activity.

To talk to one of our personal fraud specialists, call us at 866.460.1776. Or, learn more about identity theft at patriot.myideducation.com.