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We build extra protection into our condominium coverage,

so you can live with peace of mind.

When you live in a condo, you live with little luxuries. There’s no need to rake the leaves. There’s no need to shovel the snow. But there is a need to consider condominium insurance. While most associations have insurance coverage, their policy might not protect you from everything—which means you might need to supplement it with insurance of your own.

At Patriot Insurance, our condo insurance covers:

Your condo

If your condo is damaged, you’ll have the coverage your association’s insurance policy does not, including accidental damage, theft and vandalism.


Your possessions

The structure of your condo is probably covered by your association’s insurance, but your personal possessions are not. This includes your furniture, appliances, electronics and apparel.


Your assets

Condominium insurance can cover your personal liability costs if you’re ever sued, including accidental bodily injury, medical bills, accidental property damage and lawsuits seeking damages.

Talk to your condominium association about what’s covered, and then talk to one of our local, independent insurance agents about condo insurance.