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Is life insurance worth it?

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In most states, you can’t even buy a car without auto insurance. And it only takes one hospital stay or roof repair to realize that you’d be sunk without health and home insurance. When you’re already paying for all these essential coverages, you may ask, “Is life insurance worth it?”. The truth is, life insurance is an important complement to all those other coverages. Let’s take a look at how life insurance fits in with the rest of your insurance plan.

Auto Insurance.

Mandatory in 48 states, auto insurance is an essential coverage for most Americans. If you are involved in a crash, auto insurance not only helps cover the cost of repairing your vehicle — which could be thousands of dollars — but it also often covers medical costs for you or other people involved.

  • How does life insurance help? Consider this: Auto loan payments, maintenance and fuel are major expenses for most families. Could your family afford them if something happened to you?

Homeowners Insurance.

Homeowners insurance is required by mortgage lenders. Our homes are usually our biggest investment, so it makes sense to protect them with coverage. And since shelter is one of our most basic needs, when the roof starts leaking or a window gets broken, it’s at the top of our priority list.

  • How does life insurance help? As with auto expenses, making mortgage payments and maintaining a home could be a serious burden for your family if you passed away unexpectedly and did not have life insurance.

Health Insurance.

Without health insurance, even a short stay in the hospital could put many families in financial jeopardy. And with the high cost of prescription drugs, just getting the medications you need could be unmanageable without the help of insurance.

  • How does life insurance help? If your family relies on your job for all or some of their health insurance, getting a new policy could be another financial burden for them if something happened to you.

Business Insurance.

If you’re a business owner, you know the investment of time, money, and emotion that has gone into your company. And if you have employees and partners, it’s not just your investment that’s on the line. The right business insurance package can safeguard your company from unexpected financial disasters.

Life insurance is everything insurance.

Auto, home, and health insurance help cover costs when things go wrong, but they won’t cover everyday living expenses. And business insurance can’t replace you as a partner. These burdens can all be eased with the right life insurance policy. And you might be surprised by how affordable that policy can be.

Is life insurance worth it? The answer is yes! Get the coverage you need to protect your family and business, and you’ll all have greater peace of mind about the future. And that’s priceless.

Learn more about the different types of life insurance, then talk to your local, independent agent about choosing the right coverage for you.